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Master Injector and Best Kept Beauty Secret of the Palm Beaches

Dr. V - Neda Vanden Bosch is a master injector and trainer for producing natural looking results with facial fillers. She uses a combination of different fillers, each with its unique properties are used to achieve specific results, these brands include:  SCULPTRA, BELOTERO, JUVEDERM, RADIESSE, VOLUMA, SCULPTRA and RESTYLANE.   She will use her artistic eye, perspective on facial balance, proportions and experience to advise you which dermal filler or combination of dermal fillers are perfect for you.  Her patients' testimonials bear witness to her results and skill. 

Comfortable Treatments

We believe in making your journey as comfortable as possible. Every patient is unique and has different pain and anxiety triggers. We offer a variety of ways of managing any discomfort related to treatments including ice, topical numbing and the latest in short-acting analgesics called Nitronox™. Nitronox delivers a safe and reliable dosage of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen via a mouthpiece  similar to the ones used in dental offices that will immediately reduce pain and anxiety associated with any treatments without any associated drowsiness, side effects or downtime. The effects of the system last only a short period of time and patients are able to safely drive home after their visit.

Our Preferred Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

At Vboutique we believe fillers are tools to be mixed and matched to attain the most natural and beautiful results. Galderma has some of the most advanced filler technology on the market. Their portfolio includes fillers that are moldable, lifting when they need to be and above all yield natural looking results. Our clinic also uses Sculptra and Radiesse to help volumize naturally. These products are well tested and incredibly safe. To learn more visit our pages by clicking below.

HA Fillers

Your First Visit

At your initial visit you can expect a frank discussion about what brought you in and what concerns you may have. Dr. Vanden Bosch often uses a mirror to help guide you through the discussion while pointing out where the opportunities are and how to best address your concern. During your hour long visit you will learn about facial proportions, how the face develops during the aging process and how some of those concerns can be addressed or even prevented going forward. Depending on your preference treatment can be started that day and after your first treatment a follow-up is scheduled within 2 weeks. At the follow-up we review the outcomes and determine if any touch-ups may be needed.

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(561) 357-2020

3618 Lantana Road, Suite 101, Lake Worth, FL 33462


Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday – Closed

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