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Dr. V: Trout Pout…Don’t bite the hook!

The lips are an important feature on our face – and full lips impart a sense of sensuality, beauty and youth. Whether you were born with thin lips or aging has caused lip thinning, there are numerous options to create soft, youthful and natural-appearing lips.

But the key word here is NATURAL! We’ve all seen the pictures of obviously fake, overdone lips. “Trout pout” is all over the place – even on the face of celebrities. So, how does someone who should know better and has the resources to afford the best injectable treatments end up with such an unnatural look on one of the most noticeable parts of their face? The truth is that lip fillers can be quite tricky. There’s a fine line between just the right amount to add youth and beauty to your lips and the dreaded “trout pout.” Getting beautiful, full and natural looking lips is a combination of skilled technique and choosing the right type of lip enhancement.

How does trout pout happen?

Trout pout happens when too much filler is injected into the lips. Also, it is important that he correct fillers and technique are used, tailored to each individual. Treatment recommendations can vary greatly pending on the size and shape your lips, as well as your age. According to the golden ratio theory, the “Ideal” bottom lip is supposed to be 1.618 times thicker than the top lip. This means your top lip is 1/3 the size of your bottom lip. When upper and lower lips are both filled to be the same size, they can look unnatural. A beautiful set of lips are more than just size. A natural looking curve and “pout” can be created to lift and bring out the vermillon-cutaneous border, which is where the lips meet the skin. For those who have lost lip volume due to age, additional treatments with injectable fillers may be required to restore the structural support of the lower face, which is gradually lost as we age. It is of crucial importance to assure that the rejuvenated lips are "set" in a proportionate face- Overtly filled or youthful lips look very unnatural when the rest of the lower face in hollowed, volume depleted and wrinkled!

You don’t have to bit the hook and end up with trout pout

In addition to looking natural, it is important that lip fillers FEEL natural, too. Lip fillers should not interfere with sensation, cause numbness or make the lips feel lumpy or hard.

Here are some effective, yet natural looking and feeling treatment options:

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe options for lip enhancement that, when done the right way in the right amounts by a skilled, experienced practitioner can give you the beautiful, full lips you want. There’s no need to risk looking like someone who is permanently pouting. Some of the better options for lip enhancement include:

  • Juvederm

  • Belotero

  • Restylane

  • Restylane Silk

There are different advantages to each of these, and you’ll need to schedule a consult to see which option is best for you. We can help you determine which option best meets your aesthetic needs.

The Best Place for Lip Injection Treatments in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and South Florida

There is no shortage of places to get lip injection treatments in South Florida or the surrounding communities. If you want full, beautiful lips instead of trout pout, though, it’s best to go with an experienced aesthetic practitioner with a long track record of delivering the look women want without the trout pout. At V Boutique, we’ve built a solid reputation for delivering the natural, beautiful look our patients desire.

When you want fuller, younger-looking lips while avoiding the excess injection treatments that lead to trout pout and other problems, call (561) 357-2020 for a consult today or schedule a consult online Here.

Dr. V is the primary cosmetic physician and partner of MSPB, the county's largest physician multi-specialty group. She has extensive training and experience with dermal fillers, collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatments, as well as skin care.

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