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How ThermiVa Will Make You Feel Younger Than Ever

Thermiva is the latest in female cosmetic procedures. See how the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure will make you feel younger and more confident.

Have you heard about the life-changing possibilities with ThermiVa yet? For women who have put off increasing their overall wellness and sense of well-being because of costly and painful surgeries, this new technique is the answer. ThermiVa is a new radio frequency vaginal rejuvenation treatment which helps to reclaim, restore and revive vaginal imperfections. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are hardly news. Women have invested in this cosmetic procedure over the years to treat everything from low self-esteem to persistent and debilitating pain.

But because of the expense, risks associated with surgery, and the recovery time involved many women have avoided vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Luckily, ThermiVa is an inexpensive, easy, and effective solution that is done without the complications of surgery. With more and more people recognizing the value in cosmetic surgery it's clear there's not just beauty at stake. ThermiVa can make you feel younger than ever.

1. ThermiVa Delivers Beautiful Results

How many people do we know who focus on being thinner or smoothing wrinkles to stay younger and more beautiful? But for many women, there are vaginal issues that keep them from feeling like their best self. For some women, there may be lingering issues with their vagina they were never able to remedy. For others, they may have experienced laxity and a change in shape during childbirth or aging process. Three treatments are recommended for optimum results. Women typically feel a difference after the first treatment.

2. You'll Be Up on Your Feet in No Time

Vaginal reconstruction surgery is very prohibitive for some women. Who can afford to be flat on their back while they rest through a prolonged recovery process? Feeling younger means not being confined to a hospital bed while you wait for clearance to leave the hospital. Feeling younger also means that you won't be on light duty for days while you wait for your surgery to heal. Because ThermiVa is a non-surgical solution you will be back to normal right after the procedure. One of the most appealing aspects of ThermiVa is that there is NO recovery time. Not only will you be back on your feet, your sex life will be uninterrupted. You can return to normal sexual interaction directly following your procedure.

3. Boost Your Sex Life

Actually, this non-surgical vaginal procedure doesn't mean you can return to your sex life right away. It actually means you can leave your old sex life behind. For some women who have suffered uncomfortable intercourse for years due to the thin lining in their vagina, they may find their sex life has never been better after the procedure. All of those years of discomfort, embarrassment, and stress are gone after the procedure. But for others who don't have lingering pain issues from sex, this non-surgical treatment can also offer a major boost to sexual intimacy. Patients report increased orgasms and greater vaginal sensitivity as a result of the procedure. Who wouldn't feel younger with an exciting boost to their sex life? You may just be able to combine the youth of a teenager with your own experience. Just imagine the sexy results!

4. Menopausal Relief

Menopause is a word we naturally associate with the aging process. And for many of us, finding a way to get relief from menopause is a great way to feel and look younger. Many patients report that non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures offer relief from menopausal symptoms.

5. Cut Down the Trips to the Bathroom

One of the worst parts of feeling older is the constant trips to the bathroom and incontinence. And with vaginal issues, there can be urinary urgency and frequency that is incredibly frustrating.

Having to get up in the middle of dinner, or making frequent trips at night, is bound to make any of us feel like we are getting older. It's almost as if we are chained to the closest restroom. But with ThermiVa you can enjoy relief from this type of urinary urgency. Plus, if you have tried to deal with a leaky bladder, this non-surgical treatment can be a huge help. If you've been ashamed of bladder issues you might feel major relief with ThermiVa. Don't break out the adult diapers yet! Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation will help if you have frequency issues or a leaky bladder.

6. Wear What You Love

For some women with vaginal issues, they avoid wearing the fashions they love out of embarrassment. The very activities we associate with feeling and looking young are abandoned because of aesthetic and health issues. Whether you have been avoiding a bathing suit or a pair of yoga pants, there is a deep impact vaginal issues can have on your freedom and fun. This is in addition to the discomfort and rubbing that can occur with labia issues. But using non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments means a return to the good old days! Break out the bathing suit, sign up for that Pilates class! Wearing what you love makes us all feel younger. You will have the confidence and joy in enjoying your body that the young can take for granted. Plus, wearing what you love means engaging in your favorite activities. Nothing makes us feel younger than staying active and vibrant.

7. Relieve Pain

Pain can be crippling and an incredible obstacle to doing what we love. For some women, it's almost as if we wake up one day and our body has aged faster than our mind. Nothing can stop you in your tracks more than pain. It keeps you from leaving the house, reduce sexual intimacy and satisfaction, or engaging in your favorite activities. And when it comes to our most intimate and sensitive areas the pain is that much worse. Luckily, ThermiVa can alleviate that pain you have been dealing with. Having a ThermiVa treatment will help those experiencing vaginal/vulvar dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis making daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones. ThermiVa adds softer and thicker skin, increasing moisture internally and externally without the use of hormones. You'll be lighter on your feet and have increased peace of mind too.

Feel Younger Today

Beyond the health benefits of a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure there is the obvious youthful benefit you'll feel and see: Youth and beauty go hand in hand. With ThermiVa the results will make you feel more confident and more beautiful. Don't wait another day to reverse the aging process and feel younger! You truly can have the best of both, youth and experience! Contact V Boutique Aesthetics now.

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