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How to contour a chubby face.

Although each face is beautiful in its unique way, there are some features generally considered more attractive. One of these is without a doubt, the more well defined or "chiseled" face: gorgeous cheekbones, structured jawline, a slim and straight nose, arched brows and pouty lips. On the other hand, a "pudgy" face without adequate bone structure, angles and definition, can look slightly childish, what we often refer to as a baby face. While this look is certainly not a new phenomenon, it really came into focus in the 90's when supermodels popularized it in the fashion world, characterized by pale skin, skinny body and angular bone structure – Think Mae West of 1920s versus Cindy Crawford or Iman of 1990s.

The Kardashians took this trend further, and we are now all familiar with the numerus images online and on social media of injected and filtered versions of their look, across the globe. When exaggerated, overtly defined facial features can look almost caricatured, fake and sometimes gender bending, however, with an artistic eye and expert technique, anyone can optimize their look by adding structure and beautiful angles while respecting anatomical proportions.

How to get a defined face?

This completely depends on each individual face. Occasionally, we need to melt some facial fat such as the jowls or lower cheeks and neck, to prepare the face for optimization with fillers. Often, properly placed lifting fillers such as Voluma or Restylane yft in cheeks, jawline and chin, can create not only a lifting and anti-aging effect, but also add definition and eliminate a "pudgy" look. Dido with fillers in the nose to make the nose bridge look defined and narrow, and lip filler to add projection and pot. Neurotoxins also play an important part in facial slimming and contouring, especially in the jaw and neck!

Are defined cheekbones attractive?

Oh yes! Who doesn’t love beautiful, high cheekbones? Although, as mentioned earlier, the popularity of the "chiseled" face is a relatively new phenomenon, defined cheekbones have always been popular in men and women alike. Think classic beauties such as Katherine Hepburn and Keira Knightley, and today's Instagram favorite, Kim Kardashian.

How to get defined cheekbones?

This is typically done with dermal fillers. The best choices are those with "high G Prime," i.e. more lifting ability that can hold their shape due to their cohesive nature. I also love bio-stimulatory products such as Sculptra for their natural, long lasting results, and the ability to mimic real bone structure. Radiesse is another fantastic option. Above all, proper placement is key. Anatomical landmarks must be defined and respected, and for the most part superficial product placement should be avoided in order to create structure and shape as opposed to a bland, puffy face. I see a lot of faces these days where too much or inappropriate filler placement results in the opposite of a structured, well defined face: puffy cheeks and loss of definition in all facial compartments. Not anyone's cup of tea!

PDO threads or fillers?

I have been using PDO threads for years and find them to be a fantastic tool for creating lift and definition in the entire face and neck. However, in most instances, they are not the first step in achieving a defined face. If skin is too heavy/lax, threads may not yield optimal results, and either a traditional face lift or some degree of fat removal with Kybella or laser fat removal devices such cool sculpting or warm sculpting may be necessary. On the other hand if the face is volume depleted and skin is thin and sun damaged its best to replace volume and optimize skin quality first before trying to lift with threads. Most complications of threads, albeit uncommon, such as puckering of the skin or "thread show", are related to inappropriate candidate selection such those with thin skin and hollowed cheeks.

How to get a defined jawline?

Defining jawlines is my new favorite thing to do. Once again individual; assessment is most important. Women typically lose bony support and definition in their jawline beginning in their 30s, and we can often reverse this and make a huge impact by just adding dermal fillers to the jaw and chin. This requires expert technique and knowledge of anatomy, as there are distinct anatomical differences between men and women. One can easily masculinize a face with inappropriate filler placement. Similarly, toxins such as Botox and Dysport can significantly slim the face and even neck by narrowing a wide jawline. Lastly, energy based devices such as the Secret Microneedling Radiofrequency can effectively tighten the skin in the jaw line. Threads lifts can resolve any residual skin laxity.

Facial reshaping with toxin?

Toxins such as Botox and Dysport can significantly slim the face by narrowing a wide jawline, often the result of Buruxism, a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. This is an important concept for facial contouring, because we can effectively turn a square face into an oval one with just 20-40 units of Botox in one to 2 sessions! I have been injecting Botox and Dysport into Platysmal Bands (the vertical muscles going from jawline to the chest), and am always amazed by their long term effect on tightening the jawline, decreasing those pesky lines in lower cheeks, and improving the skin quality of the neck. Not to mention they can really slim down a neck that is too wide or ill defined!

Meet Dr. Vanden Bosch!

Dr. V - Neda Vanden Bosch is an highly-trained physician and sought after injector of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. With over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a faculty member of the prestigious Galderma Injection Training Network (GAIN) and trains physicians how to perform cosmetic procedures. Dr. V was recently named to Galderma's Top 100 Injectors. She has had extensive training and experience with collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatment, as well as skin care. Dr. V is licensed in 10 states. She is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. ​Dr. V has treated thousands of patients with injectables and has numerous of hours of experience perfecting specialized injection placement to correct facial volume loss and facial asymmetries. Preciseness with a woman's deft touch means the best and longest lasting results from volume replacement treatments. ​ Dr. V was named a "Top Doctor" by online, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment community This recognition is awarded to less than 10% of doctors site wide. Most recently, she was named as one of the 2020 TOP Aesthetic doctors by Aesthetic Everything.


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