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Chemical Peels: Nothing to be afraid of!

Chemical Peels can sound scary to some. In reality, they are very beneficial for your skin! As we age, the natural process of skin turnover significantly slows down, resulting in a dull, rough complexion, crepey skin and fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the top unexfoliated layer of dead skin cells prevent skin care ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis and from doing their job. Not all peels are created equal, but when selected properly and applied by an experienced professional it’s a fantastic complement to your long-term anti-aging regimen. I often get lots of questions about chemical peels, so I decided to include it in this month’s blog posts.

Q. What is a chemical peel for the face for?

Chemical peels typically work superficially and help peel the top layers of the dermis to help remove dead and dull skin while stimulating skin cell turnover and revealing the newer healthier skin below. The solution, a mix of safe to use acids and bases, is applied to the skin and the whole visit in general is a short one.

Q. Why are chemical peels good? What are they?

Chemical Peels consist of a solution that is applied to the face or body, potentially in multiple layers. Depending on the solution, you can target different needs. Some work on the deeper layers of the dermis while others work more superficially. Traditionally, chemical peels result in actual peeling of the top layers of skin, but through recent scientific advancements we now have amazingly powerful peels without any visible peeling (no down time), while delivering even better results. From just getting a simple glow to targeting wrinkles and pigmentation issues, peels can be incredibly versatile. They are generally very customizable too, where the provider uses numbers of layers and combinations to get the desired effects.

Q. What's your favorite peel?

We have many different peels at Vboutique, and depending on your skin issues and social life, there is always at least one or two peels that suits every patient! One of our simplest yet very popular peels is the InvisAble Peel. This is a quick and NO downtime peel that really enhances the glow and increases collagen production without any visible peeling. Our newest peel, the T33 Power Peel is my absolute favorite. This amazing new technology manages to deliver a very strong chemical peel (30% TCA peel- traditionally delivered under anesthesia and with a lot of downtime) extra deep into the skin, leaving the top layer completely unaffected! There are a lot of benefits with a strong peel, such as: significant collagen production, improved sunspots and redness and most of all tightening of the skin with no peeling or sun sensitivity. Best of all its quick and completely painless! Your face feels extra tight and glow-y the next few days, only to keep improving over the next few months. I recently had a series of treatments and am personally amazed by the results! We offer many other peels, such as the very popular Vi-peel, that target pigment, melasma, and chronic dehydrated lack luster skin, with different degrees of physical exfoliation. We often “prep” the skin for at least 2 weeks with proper skin care to increase penetration of the peel solution to improve results. Sometimes we combine them with IPL (intense pulsed light laser) in the same session for super charged and incredible benefits, while adding a bit of down time.

Q. Are Chemical Peels safe?

Chemical peels are very safe when they are applied by someone who has considerable experience with skin and peels. Melissa Medicino, has been my Aesthetician for many years. She has had years of experience with all types of peels, from very mild to very aggressive, and while supervised, I trust her judgment completely. There will always be a risk of getting burned by a chemical peel, that’s where many years of experience and constant training are extremely valuable. One of the important issues to consider is tweaking your skin care prior to the peel to avoid extra sensitivity. Proper post peel home care and instructions are equally as important.

Q. Are chemical peels appropriate for acne?

There are Chemical peels that are specifically created for dealing very gently with acne. They are fantastic when performed properly. In my practice, we have a number of peels that are designed for this purpose. Once again, proper re and post peel skin care is vital!

Q. How do I pick the right Chemical Peel for me?

I really don’t recommend that you pick it! The best thing to do is to come in for a consult with Melissa or myself, express what you want to accomplish and let her help you choose the right treatment. Sometimes the peel can be a “one and done” procedure, other times best results require a series of peels , generally in groupings of 2 to 4.

Q. How do at home Chemical Peels compare to in-office peels?

At home chemical peels do not and SHOULD not compare to in-office peels. These are typically much weaker to allow for safe home use but do not deliver a real punch! These days there are many illegal and strong peels sold on Amazon and elsewhere that could very easily burn and permanently scar your face! That doesn’t mean that at home masks/peels aren’t fun and help keep your skin maintained. However, they will never be a replacement for what you can get in office and should be chosen very carefully.

Q. Post chemical peel, what should I expect?

It really depends on the peel and the layers applied, as well as your specific skin type! Some of our professional peels come packaged with their own skin care, taking all the guess work out. For others, we certainly design a simple skin care and provide you with the products to enjoy.

Q. What does a Chemical Peel cost?

Peels Range from $125 - $400 per treatment or higher, depending on the area that you live, and your provider. When peels are done a series, discounted prices are often available when purchasing a packaged of treatments.

Meet Dr. Vanden Bosch!

Dr. V - Neda Vanden Bosch is an highly-trained physician and sought after injector of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. With over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a faculty member of the prestigious Galderma Injection Training Network (GAIN) and trains physicians how to perform cosmetic procedures. Dr. V was recently named to Galderma's Top 100 Injectors. She has had extensive training and experience with collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatment, as well as skin care. Dr. V is licensed in 10 states. She is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. ​Dr. V has treated thousands of patients with injectables and has numerous of hours of experience perfecting specialized injection placement to correct facial volume loss and facial asymmetries. Preciseness with a woman's deft touch means the best and longest lasting results from volume replacement treatments. ​ Dr. V was named a "Top Doctor" by online, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment community This recognition is awarded to less than 10% of doctors site wide. Most recently, she was named as one of the 2020 TOP Aesthetic doctors by Aesthetic Everything.


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