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…and other lip-related queries answered by Dr. V

Q: What are lip fillers, exactly? And are they permanent?

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is actually a sugar that our body makes naturally. There are different brand names of fillers, but all of them are injected into the lips and adjacent tissues to add varying degrees of volume, definition, and lip line reduction.

Q: How much does it cost to get lip fillers?

Like anything else, the cost of fillers depends on the type and amount used, geographic location, and the injector. If you are in LA or NYC and are receiving your injections from a highly experienced physician, you will likely pay more than if you went to a Practitioner in say, Billings. Montana. The typical cost range in between $500 and $1000 or more per syringe.

Q: Are lip fillers permanent?

The simple answer is, no, HA lip fillers dissolve over time, typically lasting anywhere between 4 to 12 months depending on the brand and the person. When people talk about permanent lip fillers, they are really referring to lip augmentation done with a silicone implant. As an experienced doctor and injector, I would never recommend a permanent lip augmentation for aesthetic reasons. There are a lot of side effects, many of which can be highly problematic, both visibly and medically. The only FDA-recommend lip filler is HA, such as Restylane and Juvederm . If you were my daughter, I would only use those products on you.

Q: What is the most natural-looking lip filler?

I prefer to use the Restylane family of products to enhance the natural beauty of lips. My personal favorite right now is Restylane Kysse. It looks very natural and can last up to a year. Juvederm products are very hydrophilic, meaning they absorb a lot of water, which causes swelling in the lips from consuming things like salt and alcohol, two things I would rather not have to restrict! Over the course of years, I have noticed a slight white-ish, shiny line around the border of the lips of patients who have had Juvederm lip filler. Many of my colleagues experienced the same phenomenon. The highly water absorbing nature of Juvederm can also result in a "puffy" look from time time- not to appealing! I use much more Restylane than Juvederm when it comes to lip filler.

Q: Do different lip fillers achieve different results?

Absolutely! Some fillers are meant to give natural but beautiful volume and shape, like Restylane Kysse. Restylane Silk is a subtle filler because of its smaller HA particles but is very effective at eliminating the lines around and inside the lips, and creating a natural "lip gloss" look. Like we said, Juvederm fillers can look a little puffy from time to time.

Q: Do lip injections hurt?

I would love to say no, but they can hurt a little bit. We use a very effective topical numbing solution in combination with ice to minimize discomfort. Sometimes we will use a lidocaine dental block for clients who are super sensitive and even offer nitronox, which is a system that delivers a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen via inhalation. It’s a great solution for anxious patients, while also eliminating the pain, and has no side effects.

Q: Are lip fillers safe?

In the appropriate hands, yes they are. If an injector is not well versed with facial, and specifically lip anatomy and it's arterial supply, and inadvertently injects the filler into an artery, the blood supply gets cut off from the lip, causing the affected tissue to die (necrosis). Because the lips have a very rich vascular supply, an injector must know how to avoid specific arteries to mitigate any risk arterial injections. The other issue is to be able to quickly detect any warning signs of this complication and treat accordingly. The beauty of HA is it can always be dissolved if necessary, with enzyme injections, resolving almost any complication if noted in time. On rare occasions we might see a patient with an allergic reaction of hypersensitivity to the filler, which can be medically and successfully managed by a trained physician. Bruising and swelling may also occur but generally subsides within a few days.

Q: How do you create a sexy pout?

To me, a sexy pout should be natural-looking, so the answer is a bit complicated. All lips are different, and sometimes creating a Kylie Jenner pout just isn’t possible, so I try to manage my clients’ expectations. Very thin lips, for example, are difficult to turn into big, pouty lips, and every lip must fit into the frame of the individual face, respecting its natural proportions. Some times this requires injections over several sessions to give lips time to adapt. One of my favorite things to do on all lips is to put a tiny bit of filler in the corners of the mouth, which turns the lips up a bit, creating a more youthful, model-like look. I also love to create a sexy, gorgeous little pillow in the center of the upper lip. My goal is always to enhance each individual's natural beauty by improving lip’s shape and definition, restoring symmetry, and adding soft kissable volume to lips such that they don't declare themselves as having been "Done"!

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Meet Dr. Vanden Bosch!

Dr. V - Neda Vanden Bosch is an highly-trained physician and sought after injector of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. With over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a faculty member of the prestigious Galderma Injection Training Network (GAIN) and trains physicians how to perform cosmetic procedures. Dr. V was recently named to Galderma's Top 100 Injectors. She has had extensive training and experience with collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatment, as well as skin care. Dr. V is licensed in 10 states. She is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. ​Dr. V has treated thousands of patients with injectables and has numerous of hours of experience perfecting specialized injection placement to correct facial volume loss and facial asymmetries. Preciseness with a woman's deft touch means the best and longest lasting results from volume replacement treatments. ​ Most recently, Dr. V was named a "Top Doctor" by online, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment community This recognition is awarded to less than 10% of doctors site wide.


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