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The Lunchtime Lift

...and other miraculous uses for threads

Q: What are exactly are threads?

Threads are a kind of surgical suture made from polydioxanone, which is why they are often referred to as PDO threads. PDO threads are absorbable sutures that have been safely used in all kinds of surgeries throughout the world for many decades.

Q: Are there different brands of PDO threads?

There are multiple brands of PDO threads. My absolute favorite is Miracu...for lots of reasons. Miracu threads are next-generation FDA-cleared, absorbable PDO threads, so they have more lifting strength and longevity than other brands. Their needles are flexible, which means minimal or no bruising, and they have better tensile strength to prevent breaking or snapping under the skin. Miracu also offers the widest selection of threads on the market for all face, neck, and body types and so many thread lengths and configurations, which gives me an incredible amount of amazing anti-aging and other treatment options. Plus, they were subjected to rigorous 3-years evaluation processes to meet over 90 validated requirements, including extensive biocompatibility testing to ensure none of the materials were harmful. They’re also individually packaged to ensure sterilization.

Q: How do threads work?

Threads are inserted in the desired area. Miracu threads, because they have such a wide variety, can do different things, but there are two main types of threads: 1) lifting threads, and 2) volume threads. Barb threads are the lifting threads and come in different lengths and tensile strength. The barbs hold onto the skin, almost like velcro, redrape and/or reposition the skin in a more lifted position. As the thread dissolves, it creates collagen and elastin in the treated area to allow the results to last far longer than the lifespan of the barb itself. Volume threads differ, as they are put directly into wrinkles or crepey skin, or into areas where you might need volume, like under the eye, to improve texture and tone by process of collagenases, or collagen stimulation.

Q: How long does a thread lift last?

Like any other non-permanent procedure, the duration depends on the type of thread used, the age of the patient, and the patient’s skin quality. Generally speaking, though, the results will last between 12 to 18 months. The thread itself will break down in 6-9 months, but the overall results, due to collagenases and repositioning of the tissue, will last up to 18 months. No threads are permanent, at least not yet.

Q: Does a thread lift hurt?

Not really, but it does depend on the thread you’re using. Miracu has such a wide variety of threads, and they are so flexible, that they are easy to manipulate under the skin. If they are properly positioned in the hands of an expert, the insertions are very well tolerated. We also inject lidocaine to make it more comfortable.

Q: Are PDO threads safe?

Miracu threads are one of the safest things I can do. Pinky swear. Remember, surgeons have been using PDO threads for decades.

Q: How much does a thread lift cost?

That’s a tough question because it varies depending on the type of thread and the number of threads used, which is tailored to the individual. If I had to give a range, I would say a few hundred dollars for the smaller threads and up to a few thousand for a lunchtime lift. I know, that’s a wide range, but think of it this way: the more you need, the more it will cost.

Q: How long does it take to get a thread lift?

It never takes long, but the actual duration would depend on the type of the thread and the procedure being done. For example, getting a few smaller threads as an add on with Botox and filler would take just a few minutes. A full lunchtime lift, with multiple barb threads, would take longer, but still less than an hour. And did I mention there’s no downtime?

Q: Is threading the same thing as a thread lift?

I’m not quite sure what you mean? How do you define threading? Thread lifts involve barb threads that can reposition tissue to a higher place and create beautiful contours and lift. Threading might be referring to the smaller volume threads, which are used to treat wrinkles, crepey skin, or sagging skin.

Q: Will threads make me look younger?

The great thing about threads is their multifunctionality. If an anti-aging treatment is your goal, threads will absolutely achieve that for you. They can lift and provide volume, treat wrinkles, saggy skin, and that crepey skin we never thought we’d get! Threads can be used for brow lifts and brow symmetry, cheek lifts and definition; they can eliminate jowls, and improve marionette lines and nasal labial folds, or the lines going from the nose to mouth. Threads can also lift and tighten the neck, abs, and arms. They can even lift the breasts. Smaller threads can go anywhere in the body where there are lines, wrinkles, and texture issues. The hollow under the eyes... gone! The saggy, crepey skin above the knees...nixed! I am such a huge fan of PDO threads. They are truly a game-changer.

If you have any additional questions I didn't cover here or are simply curious if this is right for you, I recommend you come in for a FREE consult at my office. To schedule call (561)357-2020.

Meet Dr. Vanden Bosch!

Dr. V - Neda Vanden Bosch is an highly-trained physician and sought after injector of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. With over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she is a faculty member of the prestigious Galderma Injection Training Network (GAIN) and trains physicians how to perform cosmetic procedures. Dr. V was recently named to Galderma's Top 100 Injectors. She has had extensive training and experience with collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatment, as well as skin care. Dr. V is licensed in 10 states. She is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. ​Dr. V has treated thousands of patients with injectables and has numerous of hours of experience perfecting specialized injection placement to correct facial volume loss and facial asymmetries. Preciseness with a woman's deft touch means the best and longest lasting results from volume replacement treatments. ​ Most recently, Dr. V was named a "Top Doctor" by online, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment community This recognition is awarded to less than 10% of doctors site wide.

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