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Beauty Treatments and Cosmetic Services For Every Age

As you age your beauty routine should change to help maintain a youthful appearance. Here are the cosmetic services to look into and when to start.

As we get older, we start turning toward cosmetic services to keep us looking young.

In fact, the anti-aging industry is estimated to be worth nearly $200 billion dollars by 2019. But anti-aging isn't about just looking young. Anti-aging care is a mix of prevention, intervention, and maintenance.

In other words, the younger you start thinking about anti-aging measures, the better off you'll be in the future.

Let's take a look at some of the ways you can help prevent aging throughout your life.

Anti-Aging Care for Your 20s

At this point, your skin is still young and healthy, so your main focus should be keeping it clean and protected.

Small things like wearing sunscreen when you go out, removing your makeup every night, and washing your face daily will make big differences.

If you want a bit of extra insurance, you can get some gentle laser treatments designed for young skin. These can increase skin prosperity and reduce pigmentation.

Anti-Aging Care for Your 30s

First of all, keep doing what you did in your 20s. Wear sunscreen and keep your face clean.

You should also start wearing sunglasses (if you don't already) and applying neck cream at night.

Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes from UV rays, places that don't often get as much sunscreen as others. They also keep you from squinting, something that can create wrinkles.

A lot of people forget about their neck in their anti-aging regimen, but as we get older, our neck loses its elasticity and starts to wrinkle and sag. Using a neck cream at night will help your neck skin stay firm.

This is also the time you should start looking into other cosmetic services. A few injections of a neurotoxin like Xeomin a year will help relax frown lines forming between your eyebrows.

Anti-Aging Care for Your 40s

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. When skin is properly hydrated, it fills out and looks plumper.

You should also get other neurotoxin injections, such as Botox and Dysport. These will help smooth out lines in your face and restrict your muscle movements so new lines don't form.

A fractional laser resurfacing treatment is also a good way to deal with wrinkles. The laser removes the top layer of skin (this may sound bad, but it is hardly even noticeable) so younger, smoother skin grows over it.

Anti-Aging Care for Your 50s and 60s

At this point, your skin has gone through menopause and can no longer repair itself the way it could before. It loses a lot of its elasticity and tends to sag and wrinkle.

You can keep getting neurotoxin injections to soften lines, but you should also get dermal fillers. This filler replaces lost collagen in the skins dermal structure, giving you a fuller face.

Stick with your monthly facials, and start using peel treatments, like the Omega peel. You can use peels at home yourself, and they give you soft and radiant skin.

What Cosmetic Services Interest You?

Neurotoxin injections and laser treatments are a good way to relax frown lines and wrinkles in your face, but the best way to combat wrinkles is to prevent them when you're young.

Need help figuring out the best anti-aging treatment for you? Shoot us your questions, and we'll get you started!

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