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Give body fat the 1-2 knockout

Eliminate body fat permanently and tighten and tone your body with this 2-in-1 solution – SculpSure, the latest and only FDA-approved laser lipolysis (or fat-melting) device; and Exilis Elite, a radiofrequency skin-tightening technology. Scuplsure is non-surgical fat reduction that provides serious results.

Doctor V - Neda Vanden Bosch Blog - Give body fat the knockout

As the first providers of SculpSure in the Palm Beaches, we have treated more patients than most. Our experience matches FDA trials: an average 24% fat reduction within 6-12 weeks. The benefits of non-surgical fat reduction? Results are permanent, with no downtime, and 90% patient satisfaction from trials.

While skin tightening was not promised in the original studies, we are pleased to notice it among our patients. By adding Exilis to SculpSure, we have increased skin tightening and toning of treated areas. At a recent conference, I discussed this with several industry recognized plastic surgeons, who confirmed similar results. This provides results that simply cannot be achieved with diet and exercise and is perfect for those with loose skin after weight loss or childbirth.

For many, a single 25-minute SculpSure session may provide satisfactory results, but the addition of Exillis can significantly improve results for those with loose skin. This can be discussed in your free consultation with me.

SculpSure is the first in this combo treatment. Exilis will follow one week after SculpSure and is done weekly for 4 weeks. Both treatments are fairly painless and are a great solution for those who want body contouring without the cost and recovery of surgery.

Dr. V is the primary cosmetic physician and partner of MSPB, the county's largest physician multi-specialty group. She has extensive training and experience with dermal fillers, collagen stimulators, laser and radiofrequency treatments, as well as skin care.

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